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It is very difficult to watch porn without wanting to see the final climax of sex, that special moment in which both have an orgasm.

It is a pity that we can not have a gay couple with whom we can fuck in confidence, without condom, that is, a bareback sex, but for your good luck, we have created, thinking about us, that we like to fuck and see the creampie after fucking.

Personally, I love fascination without condom, from a passive or active role, sex without a condom is one of the most pleasant senses.

Feeling that your partner ejaculates inside you, feeling that hot cum invading my insides is the most exciting thing.

And the same happens when I fuck an ass, ejaculate in confidence and leave the ass destroyed and soaked sperm and see how the semen escapes the anus sliding down the buttocks ... By God that delicious visual scene.

But if you do not have a stable partner, it is better to be very careful, although it can be very pleasant, it can be harmful to your health, if you do not have a stable partner recommends always using a condom to prevent diseases of sexual transmission.