My beginnings and my first time with my roommate

I was born as a child but I knew that I was a girl when I was 10 years old and I saw my mother fix my sisters and I was envious and told her that because my clothes were so funny and I only said that girls were more delicate what It made me feel more envious.
Over the years I began to wear my sisters’ clothes in secret, taking their uniform skirts or dresses and putting them on, that was my routine many afternoons until one of my neighbors discovered me and began to blackmail me if I did not do what He wanted me to accept, the first thing he made me do was to become his secret girlfriend, to make me wear my sisters’ clothes and start touching me and occasionally kissed me, but everything changed when I try to become a woman like In some movies we had seen, at the beginning I didn’t want to but he threatened to tell me everything so I accepted, we undressed and he began to caress me and just when he was going to do it we both regretted we didn’t say anything we just got dressed and he went home, It was the last day of being his secret girlfriend and for several years I did not dress again as a child until I turned 18 I began to feel that desire to be a woman again.

I started exercising to shape my body, especially my legs and buttocks, which gave good results.

At that time I left my parents’ house to start working outside the city where I grew up, I moved to an apartment that I shared with another boy, we almost never coincided with different schedules which allowed me to dress as a woman almost at pleasure … My partner almost always arrived until the morning for his work we had agreed that I would prepare breakfast for both of them and before leaving for work I would leave dinner ready.

Whenever he was at home I wore normal boy clothes, shorts and long T-shirts but thanks to the exercises my back body simulated a very feminine silhouette and my partner began to realize and occasionally made a small comment about my legs or my back, I tried to disguise laughing but over time it was more intense in his comments, I never felt uncomfortable and began to like that he did but could not say.

One night while I was supposed to be alone as I always wore a thong and a woman’s pajamas, my partner arrived very early and found me that way, I didn’t know what to do when I was scared, he just saw me and said that he always knew it and that he no longer I could deny that he would finally make me his wife, he went on top of me at the beginning he struggled but he was bigger and stronger so I gave him I said he accepted but he must be kind because it was my first time.

He promised to do it and complied … My fear of a lifetime went away in minutes and he released the woman I always was, all night he made me enjoy until we fell asleep.
In the morning I thought it would be just an anecdote of her drunkenness and I would never mention it but while I prepared breakfast I felt her hands roll around and tell me that I had enjoyed so much last night, I was so surprised that I did not know what to say, I just stayed there without know what to do
From that day we had a relationship that lasted several years until I decided to cut.

Two years ago I returned to my mother’s house and began my transition and I am very happy with the results.