My beginnings: Born among women.

From a young age I was surrounded only by women, my mother, grandmother, aunts and cousins ​​influenced my way of being.

Seeing them so beautiful and charming woke up in me that desire to fit and be like them, so I began to use a lot of the clothes that I had within my reach.
For several years I slept in my cousins ​​or my aunts’ clothes until they discovered me and forced me to leave, but it was only for a short time afterwards that I returned to what I considered happiness: feeling like a woman.

Over the years I continued to enjoy my femininity in secret wishing to go out and for people to see the woman she really was.
Over the years I decided to get married but still my desire did not diminish and now I took advantage of my wife’s pretext to acquire everything I needed for my transformation, until she discovered my treasure
Try to hide it by saying that all of that was for her but she didn’t believe me and I ended up getting rid of everything and as comfort she used her clothes in secret.

After the birth of our daughter the relationship finished falling and we separated, she returned to her village and my daughter stayed with me and I felt the beginning of my freedom.

My daughter travels every weekend to visit her mother and in those days is when I give free rein to the woman inside and finally I am happy
Several nights I have gone out wearing my cutest heels and my sexiest clothes even with the fear that someone will discover me but with the excitement of feeling desired, the sensation that one of my neighbors discover invades my body and fills me with adrenaline.

I am currently 42 years old and I am very determined to start my transition once and for all. I just hope to have the support of my daughter, which is the most important thing for me.