My first time and my transformation to a trans girl.

My name is Moisés, I am 21 years old and from a very young age I felt the attraction to dress as a child but I only did it in secret.

But every change on December 31, I started to drink very early with a much older neighbor who said he liked transvestites and I had my suspicions that from time to time I touched my bottom was a custom.

We both worked in a workshop, that day we worked until noon and while we were working we were drinking … so at noon we were already taken and invited me to his house to accompany him to continue drinking and watching a movie while we watched it I was who served the beers from the fridge and almost every time he brought one he spanked me and started to excite me but to hide it I made it annoying and I told him not to spank me that I was not a girl but it only made him funny so I decided I go to my house but he told me not to be angry and will accompany him another hour while we watched another movie but this time you see trans girls and he told me that he had some dresses and that he wanted to see me with them and that he would give me a good sum of money .

In my thoughts I was excited but the money did not interest me so much but it was the ideal excuse so I told him I accepted.

I dressed in the clothes he gave me and left, when he saw me he told me that I was a mamasita and that word woke me up in something that I had never felt was still but he did not waste time began, to touch my butt while telling me that my butt was very sexy, for a moment I was regretting but he didn’t let me say a word, he brought his face close and kissed me.

This was new to me, my body was trembling, it began to caress me even more, which woke up in me the pleasure of feeling a woman that I could not avoid and in a few minutes made me his.

He began to undress me, taking off my panties like a dress, while taking out his cock, and with a little lubricant he began to slowly penetrate me.

Now I have begun my transition and being that woman I always wanted to be and that thanks to my neighbor I discovered
Now my name is Lilibeth