To enter or not to the gay community

We have heard a lot about gays, but how to know if we are one of them. After hearing so many stories from those who, for a time, looked homophobic and after a while managed to admit that they were simply fighting against their true sexuality, then how to ensure if I am or not.

Appreciating images, videos and even sharing with others with diverse sexual preferences, is a way to dispel doubts if you have them, because sometimes the confusion does not allow to be clearly defined. Feeling a sudden liking for another man does not make you gay, nor does it make you lesbians. If we were all sincere we would have to admit that on more than one occasion we have admired the beauty of another being of the same sex.

Women are more open in this particular, they usually express flattery, touch and even show close feelings much more easily. Men, on the other hand, are exempt from expressing any kind of admiration for another boy, much less pampering, unless we are talking about a declared gay.

Based on the above, it is important to explore through videos or pornos images, what sensation is experienced, is it something temporary and that obeys an instinct of curiosity? Or does it really spark your passions? Be careful, getting excited with these images does not confirm that you are gay, because it is possibly an organic response. What you must discover is what you experience in your mind and even in your heart.

The videos pornos will help clarify your mind, but it will be the feelings that will really tell you what your true sexuality is, because we all fall in love even if it is platonic, and it is something very big that does not fit in your being, when that happens there will be no Doubts and you just have to accept yourself.

Perhaps that first love does not correspond to you, but calm, almost nobody manages to make a relationship with that first person who moves the floor. But you will already know what your true path is.